500+ Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Baby Girl Names In Tamil

Being a parent is the most precious feeling in this world and it’s just like no feeling is better than this. The Tamil religion has so many mythological characters and the Tamil culture is very unique that it becomes difficult for parents to find the perfect Tamil name for their baby. Below you will get so many beautiful Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names, Tamil Baby Girl Names With Meaning and also you will find some names based on Lord Murugan, Goddess Laxmi and so many other meaningful Baby Girl Names In Tamil.

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Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Pure Tamil Baby Girl Names With Meaning

CharuBeautiful; Attractive; Pleasing
ChaayaShade; Shadow
CharviA Beautiful Woman; Lovely; Wife of Kubbera
ChandniMoonlight; Star; Humble; Light
ChandraShining Moon; The Moon; Radiant
CharithaGood; One Having a Very Clean Character
CharanyaGood Attitude
ChandrikaGlowing Moon; Starlight; Moonlight
ChandrarubaGoddess Laxmi
DeebaSilk; Goddess Laxmi
DeepaGoddess Laxmi; Angel; A Lamp; Light
DeeptiFlame; Lustre; Glow; Shine; Light
DeetyaAnswer of Prayers; Goddess Lakshmi
DeekshtaHoly Teaching; Point of Direction; Gift by the Lord
DeekshithaInitiation; Concentration; God's Name;
DeepnaGoddess Laxmi
IshaniGoddess Durga / Parvati; Wife of Lord Shiva
IshitaDesired; Mastery; Wealth Superior; Bright; God Gifted
IndumatiThe Full Moon
IshwariGoddess; God Gift; Lover of God
MithuFriend; Sweet; Parrot; Beautiful
MishaLike the Lord; Bee; Smile; Lord Krishna's Devotee;
ManaviHumanity; Daughter of Man
MarisaCombination of Maria and Luisa; Form of Maris; Star of the Sea;
MishkaGift of Love
MohithaAngel of God; Infatuated
MythiliGoddess Sita; Princess of Mithila
MinishaLord Krishna's Devotee
ThangaGold; Power
TharaWealth; Star; Wife of Baali
ThanviGreat; Grace; Beauty; Goddess of Durga
ThanyaBeautiful Eyes; Sensitive; Affectionate; Imaginative
ThaanviCold Moon
ThanyaaGoddess Lakshmi
TharaniThe Earth; Love of God; Beam of Lighting
TharikaStarlet; Beauty; Love; Affection; Kindness; Group Lets of Stars
ThanushaThe First Sun Ray that Reaches the Earth
ShanmugapriyaGod Murugan
VishaliniGod Murugan; Goddess Saraswati
RajavalliLord Murugan
SashtiGod Murugan; Goddess Saraswati
MuruganLord Karthikeyan / Murugan
TeyvanaiConsort of God Murugan; Daughter of God Indiran
AtmabhuviThe Unborn Self; God Murugan
ThanigaivalliWife of God Murugan
KripalaviThe Compassionate One; God Murugan
VenupriyaBeloved of Lord Shiva / Murugan
KadambaLord Murugan Name
SastikaLord Murugan
ShamaLight; A Flame; Silk-cotton Tree; Candle; Beautiful
ShagunAuspicious Moment; With Good Nature; Blessing; Holy Gift / Present
ShamikaDark Beauty; Leaves Given to Ganesha
ShanayaGod Gift; First Ray of the Sun; Lovable
SharmilaShy; Shyness; Modest; Happy; The Protected One; Happiness
SharvaniGoddess Saraswati; Goddess Parvati
ShaswatiEternal; Long Lasting
ShaatvikaPious; Virtuous; Simplicity
ShanmithaGoddess Laxmi
ShaktidharaGod Murugan; Wielder of Power
ThivyaStar; Beautiful
ThilakaCaring; Divine; Lovable
ThikshithaBeauty in World
ThiviBeautiful; God's Child
ThiyaGift of God
ThilagamA Mark in Fore Head
ThillaivadivuGod of Temple
ThillaiammalSouth Indian Hindu God
SrijaOne who Creates; Daughter of Goddess Lakshmi
SriyaGoddess Laxmi; Prosperity
SrishaFlower; Goddess Lakshmi
SrideviGoddess Lakshmi
SrihaniLord Vishnu
SrilakshmiDivine Lakshmi
SririthikhaBeautiful; Stream
SrivaishnaviGoedess Maha Kali
SrideepthiRadiance Illuminated
SrikeertiEternal Flame; Goddess Laxmi
TheepaCharming; Light; Glowing
ThenralCool Breeze; Encouraging
ThejasviEnergetic; Brilliant
ThejuFull of Brightness; Beauty
ThenMoliSpeaks Sweet Like Honey
ThejaliniLustrous; Bright
ThejasreeA Lady with Brightness and Glow
ThemmanguMelodious Song
ThenammalSweet as Honey
ThenmozhiHoney Voiced; Kind to All
TheshmitaIntelligent and Beautiful; Bring Joy and Happiness in Family
ThejaswiniHorse of Brightness
PoornaComplete; Full Moon
PoorvaEarlier One; Elder; East
PoomaniNo Meaning
PooraniLot of Goodness
PoojithaDevoted; The One who is Worshipped
PoovithaNo Meaning
PoovarasiBeautiful Queen Resembling a Flower
PoonguzhaliPerson with a Beautiful Hair
PoonkulaliPoon means Flower; Kulali means Women's Hair
PoongothaiLike a Flower
DhanviMoney - Wealth; Name of Goddess Laxmi; Prosperity
DhanuA Bow
DhaanyaBlessed; Prosperous
DhagaviNo Meaning
DharaniEarth; Success; Bearing; The Earth
DhanushaA Bow
DhasriyaGod's Gift
DhanishtaThe Richest One
DhanshikaQueen of Wealth; Bringer of Prosperity
DharsithaVision; Sight; Display
DharunikaEarth; Wealth; Goddess Lakshmi
DhayanikaOne who Meditates
DhareshiniOne who is Bright / Happy; Goddess Lakshmi
DharshanyaGoddess Lakshmi
DhanalakshmiThe Goddess of Wealth
KaavyaA Poetic; Poem; Poetry in Motion
KaanjanaProduced from Water
KaarunyaCompassionate; Goddess Lakshmi; Merciful; Praiseworthy
KaavereeOne of the Major Rivers of India
KaarthikaSun Rice
KaavyasriBeautiful Poetry
KaaliswariGoddess Kaali
KaarKulaliWith Beautiful Black Hair
KeeshaLife; Woman; Great Joy; Abbreviation of Lakeisha; Cassia Tree; Cinnamon
KeerthiFame; Eternal Flame; Proud; Winner
KeertanaHymn; A Song in Praise of God
KeeshanaHealthy; Happy
KeethikaTalented; Beauty
KeerthiniFame; Glory
KeerthanaaDevotional Song; Spirituality
KeerthishaReputation; Fame
KeerthanalguWonderful Smile
SainaPrincess; Reflection of Sai; Cute Princess
SaishaDevotional; Truth of Life; Jewel; God's Gift; A Good Time
SaideviWinner of Life
SailajaLord Parvati; Daughter of Parvatha
SairikiHeavenly; Celestial; Feminine of Sairik
SaisivaLord Shiva
SaisreeGrace of Sirdi Sai
SaisudhaNectar; Food for God
SaijayaniPersonification of Victory; A Name for Shirdi Sai Baba
SailakshmiGood Behaviour; Goddess Lakshmi
SaimythuliOne of the God Name
SaipreethiNo Meaning
SaisarithaGoddess Durga; River
ShiniTo Shine Among All
ShivaName of Lord; The Supreme Spirit
ShiyaFlawless; Blessing; Bright; Goddess Lakshmi
ShikhaFlame; Top of a Mountain
ShinduA River; A Raag
ShibaniGoddess Durga
ShiyamlaDusky; Lord Krishna; Variant of Shyamla
ShivanshikaPart of Lord Shiva
ShivaramaniDelightful; Devotee of Lord Shiva; Goddess Parvati
ShesaLord Vishnu
SheabaOath; Promise
SheelaWife of Lord Brahma
SheenaFemale Version of John
SheshiThe Moon
SheethaA Goddess
SherishaFlower; Sacred
ShenbagamMost Beautiful Flower
BhawyaGrand; Goddess Parvati / Durga
BhaminiShining; Woman; Beautiful; Radiant; Glorious
BhanujaRiver Yamuna; Goddess Radhika; Daughter of the Sun
BhairaviA Melody in Classical Music; Goddess Durga
BhasvikaSun; Lights
BhavishyaFeature; Future
BhavyaKirtiWith Splendid Fame
BhagyaLakshmiGoddess Lakshmi / Wealth; Luck; Goddess of Good Fortune
BhaagamathieQueen of Fortunate

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