How to Remove Spectacles Permanently | How to Reduce Eye Number

Eyes are very delicate and precious, so it is very important to pay attention to it. We all know how important the eyes are to our body. These days, the use of mobile phones and laptops and watching the screen till late night affects mostly the eyes. Due to which the issues, affecting the eyes before time are coming out. so it is very important to know how to remove spectacles permanently. Often we make our outer appearance beautiful and take more interest in showing off to others. We apply eye-liner, eye-shadow, kajal etc. to our eyes to enhance our outer appearance. Sometimes we spend too much of time in eye makeup that we ignore to take care of them internally. This ignorance can sometimes reduce eye power, and in rare cases, permanent loss of eyesight can also occur. It is important to know how to reduce eye number.

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how to reduce eye number

How to Reduce Eye Number

It is said that our eyes are the most adorable part of our body by which we are able to see this beautiful world created by God and considered as a mirror of our personality. Sometimes there is also no need to speak if we use eyes expressions for communication means no need for words. Eyes help us to add meaning to our everyday life so it’s our foremost work to take care of eyes and take precautions to increase eye power. Apart from taking care and proper diet, exercise also plays a vital role. These exercises can be done easily anywhere. Let’s know about them…

Do Exercise and Give Rest to Eyes

Exercises related to eyes should be done on a regular basis. Most exercises are associated with Voluntary muscles i.e. rectus and involuntary muscles mean ciliary and oblique. It is also necessary to give rest to the eyes and now let’s see How to Remove Spectacles Permanently by these exercises.

how to remove spectacles permanently

How to Remove Spectacles Permanently

Sun swinging

Take a look at the source of any light or sunlight and then close your eyes and swing your body from one side to the other side. Do this for five minutes.

Pendulum exercise to reduce eye number

Turn your eyes from one end to the other, like the pendulum. This exercise affects the oblique muscle and focus the lens and increase eye power.

Wash your eyes

Fill the water in one cup and put one eye in it and let the eyes blink for 10 times. It will tone your Voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles.

Keep blinking eyelids to remove spectacles permanently

Blink eyelids, instead of looking at anything continuously. Otherwise, there will be stress as well as dryness on the eyes. Eyes moisture remains thereby blinking the eyelids. Do this exercise by taking some time during work, it will be very helpful to reduce eye number.

Turn your eyes

Look straight without rotating head and neck. Rotate your eyes clockwise 10 times and after 2 minutes of rest, turn eyes anticlockwise 10 times. It keeps eyes healthy.

Palm rubbing

To remove the stress of eyes, rub your palms together that causes heat. Then close your eyes and keep the palms on your eyes and take deep breathe and remember that lights should not come at all. Do it 3-4 times a day to Remove Spectacles Permanently.

How to Remove Spectacles Permanently

how to remove spectacles permanently

How to Remove Spectacles Permanently

  1. If you have eye number, keep showing the doctor on time. This will keep you getting the correct information of the eye number and do not use the wrong number spectacles.
  2. Keep a definite distance while watching the computer and TV. Give rest to your eyes every 20 minutes.
  3. Reading in low light can be very dangerous. It has a lot of impact on the eyes. So read anything in the light.
  4. If you are going out in the sun, then must use sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. Apart from this, if you are a player, especially protect your eyes.
  5. If you are in front of a computer then take a 10-minute break in 60 minutes, it will relax your eyes. Sprinkle cold water on the eyes during the break.
  6. You must take 8 hours of sleep daily for your good eyesight. And also take an eye check-up at a fixed time interval according to doctor’s advice. Because it’s very important for How to Remove Spectacles Permanently.
  7. Don’t Smoke because smoking can also lead to damage your eyesight permanently. Nicotine present in it snatches the eyes moisture and direct and indirect smoking is harmful to the eyes. Cataract and macular degeneration also occur by smoking.

Home Remedies for How to Reduce Eye Number

  • To enhance the eye power and to remove spectacles, mustard oil acts as a perfect remedy for this treatment. To do this remedy, massage the soles of the feet with mustard oil. It is good to do this before sleeping at night. It increases the eyesight and the eyes also remain healthy.
  • Eye power increases by walking barefoot on green grass.
  • Eyes remain healthy by washing the eyes with Amla water or pouring rose water in the eyes.
  • Put one litre of water in a copper jug for the whole night and then drink it in the morning. The water placed in copper is beneficial for the body, particularly for the eyes.
  • Avoid applying hair colour, hair dye and chemical shampoo on the hairs because it directly affects the eyes.
  • Eat grapes regularly, the ability to see in the night is increased by grapes.
  • To remove spectacle permanently from your eyes, massage the walnut oil around your eyes; it increases the eye power and spectacles will be removed. This is a very easy but accurate solution.
how to reduce eye number

How to Reduce Eye Number

  • To sharpen the eyesight, must include onion and garlic in your diet. They contain sulfur, which creates antioxidant called glutathione for the eyes, which increases the power of the eyes.
  • People use almonds for physical and mental strength. Eating Almond not only sharpen the brain but it is also very beneficial for the eyes. Vitamin E contained in it is very beneficial for the eyes and its consumption does not even cause macular degeneration. It is a very important remedy for How to Remove Spectacles Permanently.
  • Indian Blackberry, who cures many diseases, also works as a medicine for your eyes. Vitamin C present in it helps in enhancing the eyesight and remove the spectacles from your eyes.
  • Soya and its products are very low in fat and very rich in protein. There are essential fatty acids, vitamin E and many other essential elements present in it which are very beneficial for the eyes.
  • Make powder by mixing almonds, fennel and sugar candy in equal amounts. Mix 10 grams of this powder in 250 ml milk and take it daily before sleeping and it is very beneficial for how to reduce eye number.

Diet Should be Rich in Vitamins to Increase Eye Power

how to increase eye power

How to Increase Eye Power

After reading the above post, you may come to know that How to Remove Spectacles Permanently. But you also have to take some vitamin-rich diet for this. Carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato etc. contain beta carotene, which is the source of vitamin A. Carrots contain phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron, which is beneficial for the eyes. There is also an excessive amount of vitamin C in orange, amla, tomatoes, capsicum etc. which is beneficial for eyes. Before bedtime, eating one spoon of amla powder can also improve the eyesight. Apart from this, Vitamin-E is also very important to include in your diet. And for this, take sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, spinach, soya bean, kiwi, mango, Turnip etc. Vitamin A is very important in removing spectacles and keeping eyes healthy. Eat more of Vitamin A rich foods in your diet. Like – carrot, sweet potato, radish, spinach, broccoli etc.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this through guide. I have specs from childhood and doctor said that specs will not get removed permanently But i am going to do above remedies as much as I can. Again thanks for sharing.

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